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Dutch Filmworks
Daily Fable Movie Social promotion

Agency: The Social Club

Role: Strategy - Art Direction

A new movie with familiar friends. The Daily Fable Movie was going to launch and we needed to get kids to the cinema. Young parents remember the Daily Fable tv-series from their childhood. So we wanted to reach children through their parents.


We stimulated the nostalgic feeling they have by testing their old tv-show knowledge. We came up with 4 interactive Bedtime Fables: Facebook and Instagram Instant Experiences that parents could read to their children. On Instagram, we developed gifs of the characters' faces from the movie. We activated parents and children to use these gifs in their stories for a chance to win cinema tickets.


Result: The nostalgic content generated a lot of engagement, with a purely positive sentiment. The fables worked even better. Thousands of parents viewed an average of 94% interactive fables and read for minutes. The 13 Instagram gifs have generated a total of more than 7.5 million views.

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